Do good feels better

13 yrs old TANMAY was studying in 7th standard. In govt school of his village named Rajpura .
he was smart , intelligent , clever in his studies and hardworking also but he lived in small village where there was lack of electricity supply as well as full of network issues .. his familly is middle class and earning well through farming and but in his house no one is educated enough …
In 2020 ,pandemic disease known as covid19 came across all over the world so the government had decided to close all the schools and colleges for some period of time this time of epidemic the government had decided to teach children’s through online study…but as tanmay was living in small village there was lot of network issues so it wasn’t possible for all the children who lived in that village to study
But tanmay loved to study and he was keen to gain knowledge ..but due to covid19 …it wasn’t possible …so that he gradually became sad and was in dysphoric mood .
his parents had also noticed this but they couldn’t do anything … that they took tanmay to doctor in there village where doctor was homeopathic physician So after seeing his case dr prescribed the similimum homeopathic medicine according to his problem and suggested him to teach other children who are under the age of 12 years in that way he also get experience of teaching others and as well as other children can also continue their study but for that you should also study well as you are capable enough and if you have some kind of query then you can asked to me.
doctor also suggested other members of that village to boost their immunity by drinking hot water with lemon and by practicing yoga and normal breathing excercise and to wash their hands frequently and to practice hygiene and sanitation
He says if you will help others then god will also help you every problem has a solution so there is no point of disappointment .😊

Short story

One day one man asks to god that god I am Really good human ..I have never ever done wrong things in my life then why still I am suffering alot .
I have heard that one who does good deeds always gets good and one who does bad deeds always gets bad..Why do I always deal with bad people..why do I always get bad people ….
so should I start to do unrighteous deeds ??
God responded to him in his dream that ; deeds are always in your hand and what you want to do is always your choice.
The basic idea of Karma is that if you do good in this life, you will be awarded in the next life. If you do bad things, you will be punished in the next life.
You are a good person, yet why are the bad people in your luck because when that bad person comes in contact with you and learns from you & improves then may be his actions also improve. ..
So I bring the bad person in contact with the good person
This world needs good humans and in this life one has to bear or suffer because of his/her deeds in past life its like in order to make water clean u have to remove all impurities by boiling it for few minutes 🙏

Love at first sight ; illusion or Reality???

Many persons believe in love at first sight…but it is purely illusional fixed into the mind of people due to so called Bollywood movies

I don’t believe in love at first sight because my mother loved me since she didn’t even see me …mothers love is considered as a best and eternal because it doesnt based on conditions… if her baby is born disabled still she will love it .. and that’s best thing in the world .
My mother has started loving me since I was entered into her womb because we share unbreakable bond of love . And that’s natural phenomenon that as soon as fertilization occurs mothers start to feel for her child. …
just like that we can feel that bond between friends as we seen in case of krishna and Sudama’ s friendship ..they also share a bond of love that we called true friendship …same bond of love we can see between husband and wife and it also created by nature …..
love at first sight is impossible thing it’s purely attraction…
bond of love we can create by respecting each others ,by trusting and through care , by knowing each others and by accepting good and bad qualities ❤

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